Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I finished up the '84 Cubs this week, just in time for our gift exchange tonight.  Again, these are the Reviresco baseball players.  I've written about them before.  I chose this team and this uniform, because I knew Tim would like them.  He's a Cubs fan, and this is the team that started him down that road I think. 
Cubbies from the front

Cubbies from the back.
 This uniform offered some challenges.  The figures come with a traditional button down uniform, some with very bloused pants and shirts, other with a very straight appearance.  Unfortunately you have to have a minimum number of players to play the game, so everyone needs to look pretty much the same. I painted over the button down detail and really tried to paint in detail needed to make the team look unique.  The Chicago logo on the front and the cub insignia on the sleeve took some doing.  I also painted in the numbers and names on the back.  They should be in red, but I just couldn't get them to stand out very well.  This is my first attempt at painting in the names.  I was only sort of successful.  Bowa was a lot easier to paint in than Sandberg because there's only so much room on the figure. Oh, well. 


DeanM said...


Nice work - very impressive lettering on their jerseys. Best, Dean

Dave S. said...

I like how the Cubs team turned out. Hopefully they were a hit.