Saturday, December 24, 2011

More Cornfields and Gunners

On TMP yesterday, Bill Stewart correctly reminded me it would be a good idea to photo figures alongside the cornfields in order to get an idea of relative size.  I've positioned some Old Glory Wayne's Legion figures right up against the cornfield stands.  Cut at 1 1/2", the cornstalks are just about the exact height I was looking for, being slightly more than head high.

 I'm also sharing the finished guns and gunners I finished during the week.  First up are the American guns and gunners by the Perry Brothers.  The first gun crew is in the firing position.  The second gun crew is in the aiming position.  Nice figures, easy to paint.  Typical Perry stuff.  I've already complained about the guns, so I won't re-run that.
Perry gunners aiming their six pounder

Perry gunners firing
 I also photographed the RSM Spanish guns and gunners.  The first gun is a 3pdr.  The second gun is a 12 pdr.  The Spanish adopted the Gribeauval system, and either painted their guns a light blue, or left them a natural wood and varnished them.  Given the American guns were blue-gray, I thought I'd go with the natural finish for the Spaniards. I like the gunners-a little clunkier than the Perry gunners, but very adequate. 
RSM Spanish artillery with 12pdr
Spanish artillery with 3pdr.

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