Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas to all

It's early, and soon the family will descend on our little house for Christmas brunch and exchanging gifts.  For me, the best part of Christmas is seeing family.  Since my youngest son, Casey, moved to Seattle, I confess to suffering from a certain amount of kid withdrawal.  I love my boys, and there are times when I just wish we could be together.  They're smart and fun, and spending time with the two of them is the best time in the world.  I'm looking forward to seeing them today.

 Yes, just in case you were wondering, Lorri, er, Santa did bring me gaming goodies. I landed 36 figures from the Perry AWI southern militia range.  I love these figures.  They're simple but interesting and will serve well in my Mississippi project as militia.

I also received a couple of Osprey books.  First, I got the newly released Men At Arms book on the Spanish Army in North America 1700-1793.  The timing for this couldn't be better, and I'm beginning to have second thoughts about how I've organized my Spanish toops (in my mind and my figure collection.)

I also got the new campaign book on the Battle of the Wabash.  Also known as St. Clair's Defeat, or St. Clair's Disaster, this horrendous Indian battle north of the Ohio River in 1791 led to the formation of the American Legion under Anthony Wayne and the decisive battle of Fallen Timbers in 1794.  I've been poking through Wabash by John F. Winkler, and I think it has a lot to offer.  It is a topic not well covered by easily available books.

 I hope you've had a happy holiday and the opportunity to hang out with your families.  To all of you who read this blog, in Canada and Australia, Ireland and Great Britain, in Europe, Asia and the United States, the best Christmas to all, and the happiest of new years.


Don M said...

Very Merry Christmas to you and yours

Ted Henkle said...

I'm glad to hear you had a Merry Christmas. Best wishes to you throughout the New Year.