Monday, January 28, 2008

Snow Day!

Yes, it's true, we got about four inches this morning, though it is raining right now. Snow days are problematic. When school is closed the days have to be made up. Usually that means the Enfilade Friday is the make up day, so I have to do the fast shuffle. This is a deadline week for Jagwire, which means the paper will be delayed coming out. That's not so good either.

However I did take advantage of the time off to make more progress on my 1/600 Action Stations boats. I should have at least five more finished, which means I'm that much closer to working on something else. I went over the list of vessels I need to have finished for our game at ConQuest. That should be no problem, but I also have a some more coming that would be useful in the game, so no time to fool around.

On Saturday we had our first Enfilade meeting, which did raise my level of concern about getting my Cowpens figures tallied and painted, so moving on past Action Stations and getting those figures done is also a great idea.

I've included pictures of my 15mm Scots army from the First Jacobite Rebellion. The wide shot is of my five completed infantry units plus my little bitty cavalry unit led by The Dundee himself. I zeroed in on Dundee for the second shot. You can't quite pick out the tartan on the infantry, but oh well. I did receive my last last two standard bearers in the mail last week. That will allow me to wrap up my last two units, and then half this project will be complete.

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