Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Away, Away, Away

It's deadline week and I'm writing this from school. I haven't gotten much done since the weekend. To complicate things further, I'm heading off to Palm Springs next week during spring break. I am so ready, and I'm even happy to leave my miniatures behind.

Just a couple of quick things. We tried a Cowpens playtest on Saturday. My original concept for the game simply didn't work. The first line of sharpshooters we'll definitely eliminate. The Britsh attack stalled out attacking the second line of militia, and the militia simply didn't function as it should. We tried a second playtest eliminating the first line, and the Americans were overwhelmed, so it's back to square one. I've had a couple of suggestions. Wes Rogers suggested eliminating the passage of the second line altogether, beginning with the British wounded, and the militia bolting through gaps in the American third line. Jerry Nordbye is of a mind that there is a way to make the militia behave like freakin' militia, and play through the passage of the second line.

Anyway, we have another playtest scheduled for April 26th, and I'll worry about it then. For now I'm going away to Palm Springs--hope to see a road runner as I did last year, have some fun in Joshua Tree National Park. Fun is good.

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