Sunday, March 02, 2008

Back on the AWI bug

I've been painting more AWI figures for the Cowpens game I plan to run at Enfilade. I've been dogging it a bit because so much of what needs to be finished is cavalry-yes I know that seems odd. However, in the last ten days I finally polished off the British Legion cavalry-all twenty four figures, as well as a unit of South Carolina/Virginia State Infantry. I am working on the basing material for them at this time, as well as painting flags for the latter. There are a fair number of American figures that fall into the painting netherworld that are the uniforms-if any-for the patriot army. I'm about to enter the big time black hole of information of painting up four Virginia/North Carolina state dragoons and I'm just making it up the best I can. As soon as I finish mounting my troops, I'll get some pictures and put 'em up.

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