Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Raid on St. Nazaire-hmmm

I'm still painting away on my Cowpens minis, but I am beginning to see the end, and I can begin looking ahead to future projects. As Daveshoe and I began talking about an Action Stations game we also talked about the Skytrex range of harbor accessories. Dave suggested that these were intended to build the port facilities for the commando raid on St. Nazaire in 1942.

I was intrigued by the possiblity of the action perhaps as a project for Enfilade '09. I also picked up David Mason's little Ballantine book on the raid from 1970. I polished it off, together with all of its fabulous illustrations and maps in a couple of days. It really whet my appetite. There are lots of things to work out, such as how the commando units would work with the rules, spotting and the like. However, the most important question was the miniatures. All of the motor launches are Fairmile B's, which are available from PT Dockyard. The funky MTB with tubes over the deck is available from Skytrex. What about the Campbelltown, the former American destroyer, modified and packed with explosives to blow up the Normandie lock gates? There is a resin waterline kit offered by B-Resina of the ship as it was modified. Cool eh

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