Friday, July 11, 2008

Loafing in Long Beach

Our sojourn in beautiful Long Beach, WA is nearly over. I can't say it's been the most fun vacation I've ever had, but it hasn't been bad. I've gotten some down time. I've read a couple of books. I've purchased six books. I've also been able to make it to some of my favorite Lewis and Clark sites. We brought the dogs with us, which has been at best a mixed blessing. It's been fun, at times to have them, but it's hard to leave them in the house-they hate being crated in a strange place, and taking them around in the car is no fun because they bark incessantly at almost anything on the street. So we've gotten out a bit less often than I'd like.

I brought a display figure to work on. It's a 75mm AWI figure of Glover's Marblehead Regiment. I have about another twenty unpainted display figures. This one took about ten or twelve hours to finish. I think this is an Imrie-Risley figure cast as a bicentennial keepsake. It's an okay figure, but more than anything else I liked the subject. I kept the miniature's dress as unconventional as possible with a blue sailor's coat and simple shirt and trousers. The miniature is based on a Charles McBarron painting for the Company of Military Historians. That figure was dressed in pretty much linen everything, the dress being pretty much non regulation. From the same series, I have a figure from the 3rd New Hampshire regiment, and that will likely be the next display figure I take on.
We return home tomorrow, Saturday. I'll be back at work on the Hundred Years War. I just finished reading Hewitt's book on the Poitiers campaign. It seems that about 600 or so of the 3,000 English archers from Cheshire and North Wales wore the green and white shirts and hats of the Prince of Wales' retinue, so there's something to focus my painting a bit.

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