Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Buckets of Dice

Got together today with Gene Anderson, Dale Mickel, and Scott Murphy for some mid-week summer gaming. Aaahhh, nothing better. We met at Game Matrix and I dragged out my 25mm HYW figures. We actually planned to play a Zulu War game with Mark Waddington, but due to a family emergency he wasn't able to make it.

It gave me an excuse to pull out the figs, and re-run the Storming Party scenario I've had success with in the past. It actually makes a great three player game and using the old Tactica Medieval Siege rules, it's also very easy. There's just enough decision making in the scenario to give a non-playing GM something to do, plus the guys are just a lot of fun to play with. The scenario is easy: The French are defending a barbican at a river crossing and the English have to take it. Both sides have some goodies they can buy. The English have a loads of bowmen, some knights and a fair number of men at arms. The French have half as many troops as the English, but the English are faced with making a ladder assault. I have the Miniature Building Authority gatehouse and towers, so it looks good too.

The English opened by raining death on the French defenders, forcing them to seek cover in the protection of the fort. However when the English tried to scale the wall they were met with a cascade rocks and boiling water they never recovered from. They could never seem to stay on the wall long before some French defender either ran them through or tossed them over the wall. It was a lot of fun, everybody had their moment, and all got to roll buckets of dice. The only sad thing is that I forgot to take my camera.

On the painting front, I'm making some progress on more HYW figures for Medieval Warfare. I've got 24 archers painted, with more primed. I'm currently working on the general stand, painting up the Black Prince with a standard bearer and shield bearer. I hope to get some pictures up before I leave for vacation on Sunday.

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