Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fields of Glory: First Impressions

I met with David Sullivan today and played my first game of Fields of Glory. I really enjoyed it. I didn't run many of the charts-David did that. I cannibalized some of my DBA armies to build an Early Ostrogothic army, the same army I used for DBM. It's mostly a foot bow and cavalry army. The horse is mostly the equivalent of medium cav, with one unit of armored horse. The bows, while there are many of them, and they get to roll piles of dice, aren't in a position to be decisive. Bow fire really has to be followed up by some kind of shock troops.

While I did get pretty much hammered in the game, it was still enjoyable, and worth playing. I need to paint up some more cavalry figures, and try it again!

I did add Mariner Too to my list of completed hydroplanes today, as well as Casey's custom painted Revenge. I'm looking forward racing them on July 19th at Game Matrix.

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