Saturday, June 07, 2008

Temptation: The Mother of All Evil

We've just finished our last deadline week. They are long difficult weeks. I'm typically at school until 9:00 on Monday, 10:00 Tuesday, and 11:00 or later on Wednesday. I get home too wound up for sleep and so I'm up until 10:30 or later most nights. There's no painting, a little reading. Next morning and for the next few days I feel like I'm walking about in a haze. I often feel the need to give myself a little treat with a new book or two or a figure purchase. I've been desperately been trying to resist the last two. Frankly I have plenty of books to read and loads of figures to paint as you do too I'm sure. I've been looking at the Historifigs Spaniards for the American Revolution. I would need these for a U.S.-Spanish clash in the Lousiana Territory in the early 19th century, or in the Mississippi valley. I'm also intrigued by the black and tan figures by Musketeer Miniatures. I don't even need many of those--maybe two dozen for a skirmish game for the Irish Rebellion of 1919. The trouble is that I have plenty of Americans to paint for the former, some Irish and British regulars to paint for the latter, so purchases can wait. Of course, that's logic speaking, and who knows how long I can hold out against the little voices inside my head.

I have gotten some painting in the last few days. I've made progress on Slo-mo-shun IV, and I only have another 20 15mm figures to finish in order to complete my Anglo-Danish DBA army. I should have them both done mid-week or so.

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