Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers Day Peace

It's been a great Father's Day. Lorri has rewarded me with some cool stuff. She bought me a refurbished Inno, which is a satellite radio for XM broadcasts. Unfortunately it's not working, so it needs to go back to the factory. She also got me the HBO John Adams series, which I was really interested in. I read the David McCullough book years ago, and I really like Paul Giamatti, so I'm looking forward to the discs.

I also had a great day out with the boys. Love 'em both--just enjoy spending time with them. They picked me up at about 11:00 and took me down to see The Hulk movie, which I heartily recommend. Yes there's lots of violent superhero mashing of people and equipment, but what really makes the movie is Edward Norton, Jr., who plays the tortured Bruce Banner. Norton is truly one of the great actors of his generation, as well as a great writer and and filmmaker, and he gives the movie instant credibility and gravitas. Yes the mashing scenes are great, but it is the tortured Banner who keeps us grounded, and the supporting cast of Liv Tyler, William Hurt, and Tim Roth are excellent too. Hmm, real acting and a real story in a comic book film. After the movie we went to Rock Pasta, one of the few limited chain restaurants on the hill. It was a great day.

I came home and made some real time for painting today. I managed to finish up the last of the Anglo-Danes, even gave them King Harold's dragon standard. I also wrapped up Slo-Mo-Shun IV for Dave. I'll mount up the DBA army this week and continue working on the Austrian Hussars from Mexico. After that it's Byzantines for DBA, and Miss Century 21. It looks like I'll get to play some games next weekend, so David Sullivan may school me in Fields of Glory. I'll have to reconstitute my Gothic DBM army. School's out on Tuesday, so I'm hoping for lots of painting while I rest and work around the house.

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