Friday, July 18, 2008

Tomorrow's Big Race

Lots going on tomorrow. We have an Enfilade wrap-up meeting tomorrow in Fife. I don't think there are any big issues, just the opportunity to de-brief the convention. After that we head to Game Matrix for a running of Thunderboats! This time we are doing an extended version with heats, pit crews and the option of purchasing nitrous bottles with their attendant risks. It should be fun. There is room for twelve players, but I only know of seven or so who have committed. We'll see. I'll have a report and pictures for this weekend.

I've made more progress on my English HYW army for Medieval Warfare. I finished fifty archers to go with the Black Prince. I'm going to paint up my dinky mounted contingent before moving on to work on some dismounted men-at-arms. I feel my enthusiasm waning slightly, but I'm trying to stay focused by painting a little something different than archers.

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