Sunday, July 06, 2008

Slidin' off to Long Beach

Lorri and I are leaving for Long Beach, WA today. Yes I know, Long Beach isn't sexy or popular, but it should be a good place to grab some down time. I'm taking paint and a 75mm AWI figure, as well as some books. I'll make time to drive over to Astoria and Fort Clatsop, two places I consider holy ground, with their close connection to Lewis and Clark and early northwest history.

I got a few more pictures taken last night. The first is of of my first twenty four archers. They are mounted for Terry Gore's Medieval Warfare rules. They turned out well and are a combination of Foundry and Old Glory figures. The OG minis come from the Agincourt range. I love the Foundry figures, but tend to stay away from the because of the cost. The Old Glory figures have enough variants to keep them interesting.

The last two pictures are of my command stand. The general for my English army is Edward, the Black Prince of Wales. Because my army is modeled along the one that fought at Poitiers in 1356, I decided I needed to have a miniature Black Prince to run the show. I chose to make something of a vignette for my command figure. Edward is simply a Front Rank knight mounted on a caparisoned horse. He wears the quartered arms of France and England on his caparison and his jupon. I gave him a nice, big standard carried by a Perry knight from their Agincourt to Orleans range. The flag was downloaded from the files section of the Warflag yahoo group and then handpainted. Edward is attended by a shield bearer pilfered from Henry V from the same Perry range. I didn't quite know what to do with the very large lance, so I quartered that too. All of the heraldic devices also carry the silver "label" (label argent) that denotes the owner is the Prince of Wales rather than the king.

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