Tuesday, July 12, 2011

2001 Mariners

The batter figure is right-handed, as are all the Reviresco figures.  I painted him as designated hitter  Edgar Martinez, the best right-handed hitter on the 2001 Mariners, or any other team for that matter.
 This is my rendition of the 2001 Mariners.  I loved this team. No they didn't get into the World Series, but there's something to be said too for tying a nearly 100 year old record for most wins in a season. There is something special about a team you support that you know will win every night, and when they don't it's a surprise.  The Mariners were 70 games over .500 for goodness sake.

These are the 2001 Mariners in their blue alternate jerseys.  It's my favorite Mariners uniform of all time (though I confess to liking the teal tops too, but most folks simply find them hideous.)  I tried to do as much with them as I could.  I have the numbers for some of the players:

Ichiro right field 51
Mike Cameron center field 44
Mark McLemore left field 4
Freddy Garcia pitcher 34
Dan Wilson catcher 6
John Olerud first base 5
Bret Boone second base 29
Carlos Guillen shortstop 8
David Bell third base 25
Edgar Martinez DH 11
Charles Gipson pinch runner 1
Stan Javier outfielder 28
I also painted up baserunner to represent Ichiro, Cameron, and McLemore.

The outfielders-Mark McLemore, Mike Cameron, and Ichiro Suzuki.  I especially like the Ichiro and Cameron castings.
The back of the Edgar figure.  Just not broad enough shoulders for me to paint Martinez across the back of jersey 
They were fun to paint.  I tried to include as much detail as I could.  The trim on the sleeves, the All-Star Game and Safeco Field patches on each sleeve.  The All-Star Game was held at Safeco in 2001 and the Mariners had an amazing eight players in the game that year. The cap they wore that year didn't have a S for Seattle that year, just a fairly plain compass rose.  with teal to represent the cardinal direction.  Despite a couple of efforts, I just could not paint the names on the back of the jerseys, despite using a tiny 3/0 brush. 
The Mariners battery-Freddy Garcia pitching to Dan Wilson.  My wife still believes, hopefully, that Wilson is the greatest ballplayer of all time and should be in the Hall of Fame.

David Bell, Carlos Guillen, Brett Boone and John Olerud were the Mariners' starting infield.  Boone and Olerud wen to the All-Star game.  Bell and Guillen were later disastrously traded. The story of my life.

This is the base runner figure.  I got a passel of them. Okay, four. I painted them up as Ichiro, McLemore, and Cameron as they did the most base stealing.  However I painted up the fourth as Charles Gipson, a little used back-up player, primarily used for defense and pinch-running. Wonder where he is now?
The team is limited a bit by the figure mix.  Everyone is right handed, and it would be nice to have another pitching choice.  However, some of the figures are really nice.  I particularly like the baserunners and the figures I've used for outfielders-the Cameron and Ichiro figures.The batter is nice too, I've painted him as Edgar Martinez. What I really, really appreciate, however, is that John McEwan at Reviresco has taken the trouble to create this range of miniatures.   I see myself painting many more bags of ballplayers at this intersection of my passions, historical miniature gaming and baseball.

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