Friday, July 15, 2011

Doug Hamm's Solo War of 1812

Doug Hamm is one of my favorite people.  He's funny and smart, and is one of the fastest, most amazing painters I know.  We paint differently.  He uses a black primer method, and I use something akin to more block painting over white primer.  The last couple of years I've begun highlighting a bit, which replaces my old series of washes.  I don't mean to compare our painting techniques too much because Doug is a far superior painter.  In terms of understanding painting technique, dedication to getting the right color, and just doing a better job, Doug is great.

 Doug and I share a period of interest and a project, the War of 1812, that little tiff between the U.S. and British interests in Canada.  Which I suppose is only appropriate because I'm American and Doug is Canadian. I have a few hundred figures painted and a few hundred more unpainted.  Doug has pretty close to a thousand painted figures.  We started out wanting to focus on the 1814 Niagara campaign, but it sprouted into different directions.  Doug has taken on Crysler's Farm and the broader order of battle from the later campaign, as well as units from New Orleans.  I've gotten more interested in the 1813-14 Chesapeake campaign, though nearly all of my Brits remain unpainted. 

Our big problem, of course, is distance.  We are about 150 miles apart, and usually only see each other at Enfilade.  However we do stay in touch by e-mail and Doug follows this blog.  Because his house is big enough for a good sized game space, Doug does some solo gaming with his War of 1812 guys.  Today he sent me pics of a scenario based on the ACW battle of Corinth.  I've include pics from his scenario.


Ubique said...

Those are great looking figures. I'm working on Victrix British artillery and dozens of Knuckleduster US for the War of 1812 myself (one of a dozen projects!).


DeanM said...

Great figures and game - nice work all around. Dean