Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dressed to the Nines Website back up

Yesterday when I was moderating comments, reader Timothyf35 indicated that while he was interested in the project the Dressed to the Nines website was down.  I had immediate fears the Baseball Hall of Fame who hosts the website and database may have taken the site down. 

 Dressed to the Nines is based on a the work of baseball historian Marc Okkonen.  In 1993 Okkonen published a unique and beautiful book on baseball uniforms in the 20th century.  When the HOF folks published the color plates in collaboration with Okkonen, they kept the uniform database continually updated. 

The really good news is the site is up and working again, so those of you who may have an interest in doing something with baseball miniatures have access to this wonderful site. 

Thanks to for covering one of my more unique projects.

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Good to hear.