Saturday, July 16, 2011

In Search of Summer.

This is a bright sun in a blue sky.  Typical for July 16th even in the drippy, gloomy Northwest.  The sun has been largely absent this year.
 I'm going to be away for a week with the missus searching for that elusive summer sun.  Yup, that picture you see is summer someplace.  Sadly the picture of our Northwest weather is what you see below.  Look like summer to you?  Not to me either.

 We're sharing a house with my family at a resort area called Sun River, near Bend in central Oregon.  Usually a hot spot during July, they are predicting thunder showers for today and tomorrow.  Hmmm.
This was the scene in my from my back deck this morning. 
If the other picture doesn't give an adequate impression of gray, this is facing more easterly, toward Mount Rainier. See any mountain?  Me neither.

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