Monday, June 25, 2012

The Chesapeake calls

My lovely niece Katie is getting married to her Dan next weekend, and Lorri and I are heading to the wedding.  The only downside is that the wedding is in Virginia.  The last couple days we've been trying to get the house in order which is always a bit like preparing for a moon landing. Our friend  Allison will be here to take care of the pets while we're gone, and we don't want to appear quite as messy as we actually are.

In any case, our itinerary has us flying in to Baltimore tomorrow, and spending a few days there.  I've never been to Baltimore.  I think Wednesday is my day to have the rental car to myself and an entire day to see stuff. I hope to make the most of it.  I'd like to get to the Bladensburg battlefield right outside the District. Drive to North Point State Park and wander the battlefield there.  That's about ten miles from our hotel near the inner harbor.  If there is time left, I'd really like to see the naval academy at Annapolis.

It's all pretty timely with my projects.  I hope to take lots of pictures.  I do own the mobile blogger ap for my iPhone, but I'm not really hopeful of being able to make it work properly.  I'll try, but this entry may be it for a while.  We'll return home on July 6th.


DeanM said...

Enjoy your trip - soak in all of that history! Best, Dean

Dave S. said...

The inner harbor is nice, if you have time you'll want to check out the Constellation and Torsk. I seem to recall the aquarium is pretty nice and Ft McHenry is just a cannon shot away. Camden Yard is fun too. There is a lot of (historical) stuff to see/do within an hour or two drive by car. Have a good time!