Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Mindless painting

I have a couple different units-er, perhaps groupings of figures would be more accurate-on my painting table.  I'm presently actively painting some Hundred Years War French.  They are just your basic Old Glory French from their Crecy/Poitiers range.  Unfortunately, unlike my good friend Dean Motoyama, I am unable to paint 90 figures in a week, let alone 90 in a day.  Not only that, I'm on deadline, the last of the year, so I'm just picking at what I can.  They may be done this weekend, or maybe not.

The other unit on my table is mounted Kentucky militia from the Old Glory Wayne's Legion range.  These Kentuckians were an important part of Wayne's army and performed the valuable mission of drawing fire away from the advancing Legion at Fallen Timbers.  Any frontier army from the late 18th or early 19th century would have mounted militia.  I have a couple of bags of these figures and I'd like to have them done by the end of the summer.

The figures I'd really like to move on to are my Victrix Napoleonics.  It's time to get serious about my War of 1812 project.  The deal with my colleagues, Mark Waddington and Doug Hamm, was that I'd be responsible for the units at Bladensburg.  The British have two small brigades there.  I have a lot of the American militia units, but need more.  It's a tough call because I'll have to justify building dozens more stands for what amounts to a one off engagement, unless I do something hypothetical around the siege of Baltimore.  Further complicating things are the new figures constantly added to the War of 1812 range by Knuckleduster.  They seem really nice, and they've recently added U.S. Marines and Joshua Barney's bluejackets are coming. I have some ersatz Marines as well as 24 sailors, but the miniatures aren't great.  In any case, I still have something on the order of 200+ Brits to paint before I have to get serious about a decision.

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Ted Henkle said...

Good luck with your projects!