Friday, June 29, 2012

USS Constellation

Yesterday Lorri and I wandered down to the Baltimore waterfront. Lorri had a rendezvous with a local nail salon and I was determined to check out the USS Constellation in the Baltimore Historic Ships exhibit.

There are four ships to tour: the Constellation, WW II era submarine Torsk, lightship Chesapeake, and a Coast Guard cutter. I chose admission to two ships, the Constellation and the Torsk. The cost was 14 bucks. The single vessel cost was $11, So the second ship was a three dollar throw in

The Torsk was no big deal. I've toured other subs and this was no different. Nice tour of the main deck, but nothing special.

The Constellation was entirely different. Completed in 1854, the sloop was the last all sail vessel completed for the US Navy. Reconstructed many years ago, it is simply the finest floating museum I've ever visited. Constellation is one of those rare vessels that invite a top to bottom inspection of each deck, from the spar deck to the ship's hold. The gun deck is lined with 8-inch Dahlgren smooth bores. The armament missing from the historical complement are four 32-pdrs and a couple of light Parrott swivels on the spar deck.

The Constellation is beautifully restore with loads of useful signage. The captain's cabin and dining room are fully accessible. The other officers' cabins are also restored and open with an explanation of their duties. All naval restorations should be so beautiful and well turned out to the public. If you find yourself in Baltimore with time on your hands, the Constellation is definitely worth your time.
Percussion lock on an eight inch Dahlgren smoothbore.
Starboard battery of eight inch Dahlgrens.  The ship lacks a pair of 32 pdr for each battery.
One eye-level look at the Constelllation.  Simply beautiful inside and out.  The ship had its summer awning spread against the 92 degree heat.


Ted Henkle said...

I love the inner harbor area of Baltimore and loved touring the USS Constellation and Federal Hill. I've enjoyed reading your other War of 1812 posts!

zhangsanlisi said...

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