Saturday, June 30, 2012

The road to Charlottesville: Hollywood Cemetery

Friday was a travel day as we drove from Baltimore to Charlottesville in the Virginia hills. We decided to stop in Richmond, where I-64 parts from I-95 and heads west to Charlottesville. Despite wandering a bit through the city, we did make it to Hollywood Cemetery. This beautiful, well-kept burial ground contains the graves of 18,000 Confederate war dead. There is a special section set aside for the dead of Gettysburg. Resting with them is General Richard Garnett, killed with many of his men at Pickett's Charge.

From there it was on to Charlottesville and the rehearsal for my niece's wedding. I'm reading a poem during the ceremony, so had to be there. It was about 95 degrees with about the same percentage of humidity. Hotter today, with chance of thunderstorms for the outdoor wedding. Can't wait, right. Actually couldn't bear to miss the festivities.

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