Thursday, June 21, 2012

Galactic Knights

I have a bunch of stuff I'm trying to finish before I run off to my vacation in Virginia.  We leave on June 26th, which is just around the corner.  So I'm trying to finish up some HYW figures and some Wayne's Legion infantry, but I'm also trying to squeeze in some fun stuff that's taking up space on my painting table.

These are Terran ships from Monday Knight Productions for Galactic Knights.  I haven't actually played these rules, but I own the toys.  They just require paint.  I don't need anymore ships, just the flight bases--about thirty bucks worth. Because I have other items competing for those dollars right now, I probably won't pick them up until August, but I like the way these turned out.

The vessels are from the Terran fleet range.  There is a cruiser in the foreground with a destroyer leaders in the back, and a destroyer following.  There are plenty of vessels in the range on which one can spend a great deal of money, but I've more or less set a ceiling on the size of my fleet. The game looks fun.  Dave picked up some ships we can fight with, and we each picked up a star mat.  The mat is also available through MKP.


Dave S. said...

Well, I guess I'm going to have to get my stuff painted up now!

I'm thinking about getting some magnetic adapters from Ninja Magic for mounting my ships. I saw an article on TMP ( that included them and it seems like a good way to mount the ships.

Kevin said...

As you may know, sir, I am conducting my own personal boycott against TMP and Mr. Armintrout's behavioral double standard. Bill is on my shit list from which there is no exit door.

I'll check out the Ninja Magic stuff.