Friday, February 18, 2011

Field Trip: Dick Blick's on Capitol Hill

In my February 10th post I lamented the condition of my brush collection and the difficulty of getting replacements.  I also commented about the opening of the region's first Dick Blick art supply store on Capitol Hill in Seattle.

I've been scheming for a way to get up there, but I really needed another reason to drive the 35 miles or so.  Wednesday was the end of our newspaper cycle, and I usually pick up our finished product in South Seattle on Thursday night.  Because this is a four day weekend for me, I decided to put off driving to Pacific Publishing on a Thursday night and head up this morning.  Casey and I decided we'd go out for breakfast at Portage Bay Cafe (highly recommended) pick up the JagWire and check out some neighborhoods in Seattle as Casey looks for a place to move.  Capitol Hill is on his list, so we agreed to stop by the big Dick's.

We picked up the paper, grabbed some good eats and headed over toward Broadway.  After some creative parking solutions we walked in and I immediately began searching the brush aisle.  They did indeed have my Master Kolinsky brushes and on sale 50% off.  The only problem is they don't stock all brush sizes, so the Number 1's that I really needed weren't available.  They did, however, have 0's and 00's and 50% off is 50% off so did grab an 0.  Because I really did need some 1's I looked really hard at what they had.  The brush selection was super, though there really wasn't much in that size.  I picked up a couple of Da Vinci 1's, which unfortunately weren't 50% off and also used synthetic bristles.

Two Da Vinci Cosmotop No. 1's flank a Blick Master Kolinsky 0 from Dick Blick's Art Supply.  Located at 1600 Broadway across the street from Seattle Central Community College.
Aside from that we didn't spend much time.  I did ask about the Master Kolinsky 1's which could be special ordered, but I didn't feel the need.  They also showed me their behind the counter collection of Windsor and Newton series 7's, also Kolinsky brushes, but they demanded Casey as collateral.  I offered, but he refused.  Honestly, I don't have as good a result with the W and N brushes, so Casey made a good choice. There was one upside.  Like all vendors, they offered to make me a preferred customer.  When I asked if there was a cost, the said not if I was a teacher or student.  Bonus.  10% off my purchase.

I didn't look at anything else, no paint or acrylic gels.  It was great to go to a real art house with real art supplies as opposed to Michael's or JoAnn's. It was a worthwhile trip.

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