Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Poll Closed: Woo Hoo!

The poll was really fun.  I was always tracking it, so if you took the time to post your choices thanks.  I look forward to more polls.

It's also influenced my thinking for the convention.  So it looks like I'll go with:
  1. Sluys on Friday night using David Manley's DBA-based Medieval Fleet Action rules
  2. Hobkirk's Hill Saturday night using Regimental Fire and Fury
  3. Closing Wilmington Sunday using the Ironclads rules.  
It will be a spring time of playtesting, and I may be forced to do more solo efforts as I work the games out.  Of the three Sluys will require the most work.

 Cog Update--I have twenty two cogs a building including Edward III's flagship the Thomas.  I should have them done this weekend if not sooner.  However I do start deadline again tomorrow, which is a deterrent to serious painting progress. When these are finished I'll have 43 painted English cogs at a cost of less than twenty bucks.  Not bad.

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DeanM said...

Sounds great - hope to get in on a least the Sluys game. Dean