Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Enfilade: What to do?

Enfilade is still a ways off, but I need a plan for which games to host.  I have six games I'm considering, and unfortunately I can only manage three at most due to my responsibilities as convention director.  I've posted a little poll to allow you, my faithful readers, to guide my thinking.  No guarantees of course, but I'm interested to hear what you're thinking.
  1. Gold Cup Hydroplane racing-These are with our home grown hydroplane racing rules, Thunderboats. It's a pretty long game and probably could only be run on Sunday morning.  This is an oddball game, but the boat racing game has a lot of faithful followers and generates a fair amount of enthusiasm.  Usually I run a design the boat/driver race instead of a historical game, but both have their proponents.  
  2. Hobkirk's Hill-This little battle is a perfect size for Regimental Fire and Fury with the AWI expansion.  I love Fire and Fury.  I love the AWI in the south.  The only problem is there isn't much flash here.  The terrain is kind of a snooze and the Americans have to have some bad luck in order for things to break right for the Brits. 
  3. Sluys-This would require a lot of work to get ready for an end of May convention.  I have a fair number of cogs painted with more building (Block 20 cogs posted soon.)  I'd also need to figure out how to scratchbuild some galleys.  And what about the land representing the estuary?  Nevertheless I think everything is doable in enough time to play test a couple of times. 
  4. Closing Wilmington--Last summer I ran a couple of ACW naval games using Ironclads on a fictional battle to eliminate Confederate defenses on the Cape Fear River after the fall of Fort Fisher.  It's a fictional battle using naval forces in 1/600 and 6mm land forces.  I had fun with it, but it would still need some tweaking to make it work. 
  5. 1962 Air Strike on Cuba is loosely based on an air action that could have occurred during the Cuban Missile Crisis.  I am really intrigued by this event.  It would be built around air recon, an interception and ground attack.  We'd use the Airwar C21 rules which I am increasingly fond of.  It is a great convention set of rules. 
  6. Lewis and Clark is the same Arrest Captain Merryweather and his Followers scenario I've done before using the Brother against Brother rules.  These are much more appropriate for a convention setting than the Black Powder Battles I've used in the past. I take this game fairly personally because I'm the only person looney enough to do it therefore it must be fun or I become vaguely suicidal. 
The balloting is at the bottom of the page.  You're allowed to vote for more than one game, but please try to vote just once.  The links will take you to my previous posts on these games or projects so you can make an informed choice.

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