Sunday, May 18, 2008

Countdown to Enfilade

I have four days to finish what must be finished. Chief among these are my Enfilade duties. I am in charge of organizing the registration desk--rounding up and scheduling volunteers. Thankfully we have enough, and I am eternally grateful to them for giving up their time. It's a little different, as they will also be running the Bring and Buy feature, which replaces the old flea market tables. The pre-registration is my other job. We had a huge number of people go through pre-reg--145, which is an increase of thirty five over last year. This might be due to the PayPal feature we used. In any case it makes a lot of work for me, making badges and organizing all those who who have pre-registered. However, it should make life a bit easier for the reg desk volunteers. My work with this is almost done, but between typing badge names, assembling and stuffing badge holders I bet I have at least twelve hours in. The good news is I'm not waiting until the last minute.

I am running a passel of games as well. The painting is pretty much over. I am still wrapping up a few things. Cowpens is all painted. I finished four of the five 1/600 scale boats for Action Stations today. I have two hydroplanes 75% complete. However, there is still some work to do on the Cowpens scenario and the accompanying quick sheets. Once I get started it shouldn't take too long. I also need to organize all the militia units and determine what goes where as I do the set up for both sides.

I'm hoping to do one more entry before Friday. I have some pictures I'd like to take and post of at least my new hydroplanes, and perhaps some of the Cowpens minis as well.

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