Thursday, May 29, 2008

Enfilade 2008: Final Thoughts

I just wanted to post some final words about the con. I actually thought it was quite good. David and Allan did a great job of enticing folks to attend with plenty of people to play the games.

Speaking for myself, it was one of my less favorite conventions. I tried to do too much, and didn't get around to see the other games. I'm chalking it up to lessons learned.

I would be remiss if I left out my list of purchases. I had purchase plans--which I exceeded of course, but here's my list of ill-gotten treasure:
1. Two of the excellent Acheson Indian longhouses from Reviresco. They were on my buy list, and with the two I picked up last year, should give me enough for a small village. An incentive to work on my Wayne's Legion stuff a little more seriously.
2. From Stonehouse Miniatures--a steam powered elephant in 28mm. Every VSF army needs one of these babies. Armed with a revolving turret and a cannon in the elephant's mouth, don't leave home without it.
3. Ten more hydroplanes from Shawn McEvoy at Craftworks. Hell, it could have been thirty more and I don't think I would have run out of ideas.
4. The last purchase is the goofiest purchase. As things were closing down on Sunday I walked by the Reviresco booth, and saw the interesting gigantic tree house John McEwan assembled the day before and commented on its coolness. It's about ten inches tall with room for a few figures or a light or swivel gun. When John offered me a deal, I took it though the $40 price tag was a bit steep. I gotta figure out something to do with this damn thing.

Hey kudos to all of my Enfilade colleagues--David Sullivan, Allan Dyer, Damond Crump, Bruce Meyer, Bryan Shein. A special thanks to all who helped on the reg desk--they were simply fabulous--Mark and Joe Waddington, Arthur Brooking, Mark Serafin, Bryan Shein, Scott Williams, Mike Snively, Ted Henkle, Wes Rogers, Matt Rocco, and Chris Bauermeister.

Last, but not least, I was incredibly impressed by the careful consideration given by the judges in the painting competition on Sunday. (It didn't hurt that my beloved hydroplanes won in their category, but I was impressed none the less.)

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