Monday, May 26, 2008

What Next?

Enfilade always marks the beginning of my painting and projects year. It goofs up what is already a strange year in my other, teaching, life. I can honestly say I have no interest in beginning a new period, though I can't exactly say I'm not interested in a new project.

I'm in negotiations with Daveshoe about perhaps doing the Raid on St. Nazaire in 1/600. I've mentioned this before. It would likely be a project for Enfilade and it would take some doing. The miniatures aren't difficult, but they are many, and we would also need to buy the seawalls, lock gates and etc., from Skytrex.

I'm interested in cleaning up some of my other incomplete projects. I actually have begun preparing some of my 30 Maxmillian in Mexico cavalry figures. It is likely these will be the first 25mm figures I work on.

I have some Martian figures that need painting too. I have lots of mounted figures to do as well as some sepoys. There is also the matter of the two lob cannon I bought earlier in the year. This would be a clean up activity together with Maxmillian.

I still have a skazillion DBA armies (okay, that might be hyperbole, but I almost certainly have ten) that need some paint. I am currently working on the Anglo-Normans. I'd like to also get the Early Byzantine Cv morph done I've been holding onto for years. I'd also like to paint up the Alans.

Just some thoughts for summertime painting activities.

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