Saturday, May 31, 2008

A New Year Begins

As I babbled earlier this week, my painting/project year always begins after Enfilade. I've actually had a pretty busy and productive painting week, though it's unfocused, scattered and just kind of painting for fun--never a bad thing. When I got home from the convention I was in a bit of a painting mood so I looked at some things on my desk and thought about some figures I had laying around and decided to work on those. This week I finished another hydroplane. It was Miss Spokane. It was a boat from my childhood. (Photo courtesy of the Hydroplane History website.) This particular boat also appeared in a beautiful lilac and lavender color scheme, but there is no lilac paint available. I could have mixed it but my concern was for when I would have to match that base paint after I made my inevitable errors. I'm looking forward to continued painting of boats over the summer. I'm actually considering painting all the boats that appeared in the 1965 Gold Cup in Seattle. Then I could have a real historical miniatures game. Ironically Miss Spokane was in that race as the Miss Lapeer, weird tail and all. However, my next boat will be Miss Century-2, the former Miss Thriftway, with all the striping. Hope I'm up to it.

Another wild hare that took my attention were my old Houston's 28mm Maxmillian adventure cavalry. I've had thirty of these sitting in a drawer for over a year. I mounted up the Austrian hussars, and given their colors they should be something to see. I'll take pictures when I'm done with them. I'll have enough horse for two units per side, which should make things a bit more interesting.

However, what I'm really hot and heavy to finish is another DBA army. I'm working on the Anglo-Danes--you know them, the guys who lost at Hastings in 1066. That Harold fellow got it through the eye (ouch!) Anyway, it's one less DBA army awaiting paint. I've finished the huscarles and psiloi, and am working on the eight stands of fyrd spearmen. Don't know when I'll have them done, but maybe by next weekend.

It's our last deadline week of the year. I don't expect to get much done in the evenings this week. However, with the summer vacation not far away, I'm already beginning to plot about how I'll spend my time.

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