Thursday, May 15, 2008

Preparing for Enfilade

With Enfilade next week, I've been trying to get as much as possible done in the evenings to do my share of the planning preparation, as well as readying my games for the big hoedown.

I'm responsible for all the pre-registration prep, and this year I agreed to take on making the name tags for pre-registration. I finished that last night, only to realize that the font size I used was too small. Because I saved 'em as PDF's I couldn't simply change the fonts, so I actually re-did them all. I hate myself. My next big chore is to double-check the front desk volunteers and see if or where there are holes.

Last night I finally put to bed all the Cowpens miniatures. I rebased the highlanders, and magnetized the bases on the all the cavalry figures, highlanders, and Continental infantry. I still need to update the rules and charts a bit, and I need to write up the scenario stuff for both sides, but that is a project very nearly complete.

My last big must-do gamewise is painting and basing some Action Stations minis. Really not much to that, just enough to keep me busy for a few hours over a couple of nights. I have five mostly PT boats to finish. It's the basing that is time consuming.

On Sunday I finished Dave Demick's Miss B and I and my Miss Pay 'n Save. I just couldn't quite get either of them right. The big block numbers on B and I completely eluded me. Pay 'n Save went better. It's a beautiful boat with a dark hull and interesting accents. I've begun two more boats that I'd like to have for the convention. Dave wants Gayle 5, and I'm going to do the first Miss Madison (1962) which has some beautiful coloring. Unfortunately the latter has a very oddly shaped tail that I haven't quite gotten right, but I don't know if I ever will.

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