Sunday, May 04, 2008

My Desk is a Mess

I'm sure you all have this problem from time to time. You work in a small space, and you have far more crap than you can easily manage. I've also managed to distract myself innumerable times with a variety of different projects and activities. Hence my desk is just damned messy right now.

I inherited my game space from my youngest son when he moved into the bigger bedroom eight years ago. It's 8' X 8' so the name game room is a bit of a misnomer. It's nowhere near big enough to play games in. It's really just my work space. I have my painting table and all my supplies here. To the right of the table is a large closet, which has a lot of storage. I keep almost all my unpainted figures here. Across the table, which you can see, is a bookcase with all my Ospreys, rulebooks, and other game related writing--some history books too.

Usually I amuse myself with movies while I'm painting. I've got the DVD racks against the wall, and like everything else, they've overflowed to other areas. I love to watch BookTV on CSPAN-2 on the weekends, especially since the Mariners are in the proverbial death spiral to the bottom of the American League and are difficult to watch today-down 8-2 to the hated Yankees. Lorri bought me a 36" HDTV a couple of months ago--bigger wouldn't fit in this space, and that was a nice upgrade.

I have too many things on my desk at the moment. The white pile of 15mm figures is an Anglo-Norman DBA army awaiting paint--has been for months. I have some of the Bronze Age 25mm Martian heroes range (I know they don't actually call them that-there is a copyright issue) The figures I'm working on and desperately hope to finish soon are the redcoated 17th Light Dragoons. I need these for my Cowpens scenario at Enfilade.

What does your painting space look like?

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