Monday, May 26, 2008

Thunderboats at Enfilade

As planned I ran Thunderboats at Enfilade. Or maybe Daveshoe really ran Thunderboats at Enfilade. We raced on Friday afternoon and Friday evening. We had full heats in the afternoon session, and I think that those who raced had a good time. Some guys tried different things and it looked like the Enfilade Cup race would be full and fun.

Actually, we had difficulty attracting a full house for the Cup race. However we did eventually get six. Unfortunately I didn't see much of it as I had to run home to retrieve items important to the con, so Dave did yeoman service running the races. Darryl Allison won the race and I'll be ordering his trophy from Crown Awards in the next day or so.

We didn't see Shawn McEvoy until Saturday, and unfortunately it was with only a handful of boats. He did hand off the first production buoys which should paint up pretty interestingly. Shawn explained that he had smoothed out his production process, so that should make getting the next batch of boats easier. I ordered another ten, which was one of my projected purchases.
We planned some racing on Sunday, but it simply didn't attract a crowd. Arthur Brooking and Steve Winter ran against Dave and I, just one heat. Dave, playing against type won, while Steve and I tied for second and in a runoff I won.

Though the the enthusiasm for Thunderboats did not quite reach my expectations, I did have one source of support for my interest in this game. I entered three hydroplanes-Miss Bardahl, Miss Exide and Miss Pay 'n Save-in the painting competition. They won in the vehicles category, which was quite gratifying.

I have primed another boat--Miss Spokane--and I will paint her in the black and white paint scheme of 1960. I owe Dave one more hydro, and it will be Slo-mo-shun IV. The large aircraft type tail should pose a challenge.

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