Sunday, February 10, 2008

Coastal vessels

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As promised, I've included photos of my coastal vessels. As usual, taking photos is a challenge for me. In this case the lighting is crap. Using the camera's flash washed out the detail, so I opted for no flash which picked out the detail but messed up the actual color. Some day I'll figure it out.

The first photo is of 80 ft Elco PT boats with an LCG in the background. Didn't do much with my LCG's. They're Skytrex miniatures and your basic gray. The Elcos are PT Dockyard minis. they turned out reasonably well and are camouflaged. Probably too much blue in the dark gray. The boat on the left with only two torpedoes is armed with a quad 20mm Thunderbolt.

The next two pictures are of two large Italian vessels that were pressed into German service. the larger of the two is an Italian destroyer escort. It's big and nasty, a PT Dockyard model. The smaller vessel is a corvette. It's probably my best effort among all of my vessels, another PT Dockyard ship.

The last two pics are of a pair of late war F-Lighters and a Flaklighter. Great models by PT Dockyard. The lighting being terrible they look like a rust brown color, when in fact they are dark gray almost, black, and dry brushed to highlight the detail.

Now I'm back to my AWI miniatures, working on Tarleton's British Legion, as well as a combined unit of Virginia and South Carolina state troops. ConQuest next week. I'll keep everyone posted on how it went, hopefully with pics.

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