Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fields of Glory, Tarleton's Quarter, and some sleep would be nice

My copy of Fields of Glory arrived yesterday. They are the new ancients rules written by Richard Bodley Scott who partnered with Phil Barker on DBM. They are also published by Osprey, so they are quite impressive-hardcover, lavishly illustrated with diagrams and Osprey art. It's also not cheap at $35, but I've seen worse. I pre-ordered the rules and the expansion on the Middle Ages before Christmas, and they arrived Thursday. I've poked through the rules a bit, but haven't gotten very far. I'm interested to see more. They won't be a simple rules set to play, but they look pretty good, though they desperately need a quick sheet.

I was supposed to get together and run another round of Tarleton's Quarter today, but I had to cancel. I've been suffering through a week of insomnia. Stress no doubt, but I've been running on 4-6 hours sleep a night since the 13th, and I've got to get some down time. I'm trying to re-schedule for March 22nd. I've made some additions to the rules. I added a unit effectiveness chart for rating the effectiveness of units of different quality as they lose stands (a Fire and Fury feature.) I also am going to make a little table for units that roll a 0 on the fire table to determine the results. Maybe I can figure out a way to post these on the blog.

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