Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday: A Weekday Paintfest?

It's Tuesday night. Last night was Curriculum Night for incoming freshmen. Last week was deadline. It's my first normal weeknight in over a week. After my WASL meeting ends at 3:30 I can head home and use my time however I wish. Super Tuesday will be plastered all over the television tonight. I sense a weeknight painting orgy coming on.

Okay a painting orgy for me may not be much. Maybe three hours if I'm lucky. But I really need the time. I've made a bunch of progress on 25mm British Legion dragoons. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on one's position) my PT Dockyard order arrived yesterday, with bunches of F-Lighters, flaklighters, and a super spiff looking corvette that require assembly and painting in time for ConQuest (a scant ten days from today!)

In any case, unless Lorri demands my time-she'll be watching Hillary, I'll be rooting for Obama-I hope to get some serious work done as we assess the drama from Massachussetts to California.

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