Monday, February 18, 2008

ConQuest Saturday

Saturday was the day I really worried about. I thought the number of games could be pretty thin, and even at that we might not have enough gamers to play what we did have. In the end things turned out fine. Though we had some promised games that didn't materialize, we also had some pick-up games to pull out of our hats, and everybody seemed to have fun.

Paul Hannah ran a session of DBA and Hordes of the Things in the afternoon. I didn't get an opportunity to follow these games because I was wrapped up in my own game. However it looked like things were going reasonably well, especially as more DBAers trickled in later in the day. Chris Ewick and Game Matrix ran the DBA Open tourney in the evening. There were eight players, and the tournament was won by Seth Terry and his Maoris.

Dave Schueler and I ran an Action Stations WWII coastal naval game. It was based on the cooperation between the radar armed US PT boats and British 4.7 inch gun armed LCG's in their interception of German convoys on the Italian coast 1943-44. The scenario allowed the German players to choose the escorts for their convoy. The Germans chose well from their collection of Italian cast-off vessels, but even so there were just too many Allies in the wrong place. A lot of the German escorts escaped, but the transports and their supplies were at the bottom of the Guly of Genoa. The Allies lost a PT boat, a LCG and a Fairmile motorgunboat.

We ran more Thunderboats in the afternoon, and it was just some hellacious racing. Of all the racing games I've ever run or played in, it was the best. Scramble starts, pushing engines and corners from the very beginning of the race, it was very fun. Lots of guys were asking about boats and rules.

Herbie Fairbanks was scheduled to run a couple of games, but didn't arrive until late. His work schedule conflicted with the gaming schedule. It would be easy to be angry and frustrated, but that's just the way real life goes. Sometimes the real world gets in the way of our hobbies.

Randy O'Boyle pulled out another Ironclads scenario for Friday night. I found it less interesting than Friday night's game, just because it was an improbable collection of ironclads pounding on one another. But, the players seemed to enjoy it, and that's all that really matters.

I left for my evening repose at about 9:45 in preparation for Sunday's big games

There are a couple of pictures from the Action Stations game. The Rhone freighter stuck in the yellow circle means "Oh shit, I'm spotted." The hydroplanes photo is from one of the great scramble starts on Saturday afternoon. It was amazing. The last pic is of Chris Bauermeister working with a couple of youngsters on his Russian Civil War game. He did a fabulous job with them.

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